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The Pod Recirculating Aquafarming System

Aquafarmer & associates have designed a unique fish farming system. Most of our work is still cutting edge so we cannot mention specifics unless you are covered by a 'Deed of Confidentiality".

However, our fish farming tests have concluded with (final density) stocking rates at 180 kilograms per cubic meter. That is the best fish farming result ever published, we think.

Fish farming growth and mortality have proven to be excellent due to our very low stress factors in culture.

Our fish farming system has incorporated the most sophisticated vertical integration in the most simplistic manor. This factor has enabled a potential profit return approaching 37% within the second year of operation.

We have based our fish farming design on 50 tonne production modules. At $10 per kg that is $50,000 with two staff and auto control with Aquasense Remote Monitoring. At $60/kg the same amount of effort returns $300,000 per crop per tank with 2 crops per year.

Coral Trout = $60/kg

Barramundi Cod = $45/kg

Barramundi = $12/kg

Production Costs = $7.50/kg

Why Farm Barramundi?

We are currently finalising construction contracts for our first vertically integrated system of 50, 50 tonne production modules with associated hatchery and nursery.

We build and operate the initial phase and provide initial staff management.

We supply the aquatic science and civil engineering. We can act as project facilitators and we have international experience in establishing aquaculture.

We have overcome culture cannibalism and the need for constant grading with patented tank designs.

We have incorporated what we call technological simplicity and our modules have no water pumps.

Yes that's right. Welcome to the next generation of aquafarming. We can run a 50 tonne system without a water pump. The profit is in the saving.

Our systems are unique.

Kel Gordon's fish farming experience and designs are being carefully managed right now and that technology can be incorporated into any existing system.

Talk to Kel, it may make your profitability soar and reduce production costs. Fresh or saltwater we have solutions to fine tune existing aquatic holding and fish farming systems.

Our Fish Farm design is called the 'Pod" system and was developed initially in the late 1980's. However recent developments in biological and mechanical filtration have improved the design performance dramatically. The design performance is also enhanced by the dramatic reduction in carbon dioxide which, as all the RAS aquafarmers are aware, is critical to sustainable high stocking densities. Combine that with the unique water transfer ability and you have the "state of the art" in efficiency and profitability.

The Pod Aquafarmer incorporates a revolutionary aquaponics system which can further double profitability.

As our research phases conclude we will be entertaining Joint Venture and training arrangements with interested and suitable Business Partners.

We hope to combine these fish farming systems with the new feed being developed around our zooplankton research.

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Fish Farming for Profit