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Remote Water Quality Testing & Sensing Equipment:



By using remote Aquasense water quality testing systems you can measure Temperature, Oxygen, pH, Salinity, Nitrogen and Turbidity every 20 seconds in the comfort of your office. No more morning and afternoon missions to the ponds for sampling and results that tell you a disaster is happening. Remote data sensing will tell you, up to two weeks in advance, of an impending degradation event. Now that is solid aquaculture management. And the system pays for itself in electricity savings and labour at less than $200,000 AUD per average farm based on 30 ponds.

Imagine the extra savings on preventing just one mortality event

Buy a trial version for $20,000 AUD and check it for yourself


Aquasense systems allow you to monitor and data log all your tanks or ponds constantly with an overview display on a laptop computer or LCD screen. No longer is it necessary to do water quality rounds with a multitude of test kits and meters. You simply turn on your laptop.


Aquasense systems allow Water Quality Testing and effective remote control of culture functions, such as oxygen generation, from anywhere in the world via the internet. All probe units use a scada type system with a ten kilometer range to base. Each unit can be either solar or mains powered.


Aquasense probes utilise a patented self cleaning technology allowing constant use for up to 12 months without calibration. All our probes are guaranteed for 12 months operation with a working life of approximately 3 years.


All Aquasense water quality testing and logging equipment is individually tailored to your exacting needs.

Is there anything better? Please let us know.


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Welcome To Aquasense Scada Systems

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We custom design water quality test and data logging equipment to suit individual requirements. Proven articles on our products to come shortly. Oxygen, Nitrogen, Carbon Dioxide, pH, Temperature, Salinity, Control Function (auto-feeding, lighting, pH control), Flow Rates, CCTV, parameter alarm, perimeter alarm and remote alarm, with 20 second data recording on all water quality probe functions.

Remote Sensing In RAS Aquaculture


Kel Gordon RAS Aquaculture Remote Sensing Designs

Remote sensing of environmental parameters in high intensity aquaculture systems is an important tool for the future. And your future is now.

Remote Sensing has the ability to save on labour, but more importantly, it provides an immediate and historical link to up to 50 Hectares of Ponds at the press of a button.

After all profitable management of ponds is an applied science.


Therefore Remote Sensing should be considered commercially essential!


For all aquaculture applications. From the example graph above, farm management can instantaneously monitor subtle changes in environmental parameters. No more daily water quality testing protocols. No more wasted effort trying to piece together pond condition.


We can provide cost efficient probes and remote data logging to suit any RAS design or pond application.


Our RAS Designs provide control CPU systems for dynamic applications such as automatic feeding as well as sensing and automatic alarms for all water quality parameters.

Our expert designers can tailor design a system to suit your exact requirements and provide complete after sales service.


Our Remote Sensing Systems use the finest quality probes globally available. The example above provides a readout of up to 50 separate RAS tanks or many hectares of ponds. And those readouts consist of up to 10 different environmental parameters.

Our Remote Sensing and Data Logging Systems provide computer screen and remote logging and warning control features far superior to any system currently available.

There is nothing better for managing your valuable crop

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Kel Gordon Remote Sensing Equipment Installing a new Remote Sensing and Data Recording System for a commercial RAS Company


Kel Gordon Aquaculture Designs

Results from 24 hour monitoring, such as these graphs, are invaluable.

What do you think is happening in the above system?

The graph is very significant as it defines the variable relationship between pH, Oxygen and one other important RAS factor which is very evident in graph No. 1. (temp is constant)

This graph defines the reason why carbon dioxide controls all aquatic culture.

If you suffer continual low growth rates this is almost certainly your problem.

All your oxygen injection, electrical costs, feed, heating, labour, management and return are wasted if you have sustained levels of dissolved carbon dioxide.

What are the daily fluctuation levels in your system??


Profitability is inversely proportional to the level of dissolved carbon dioxide. (© K Gordon 2009)



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Engineers, Andrew Pilaski & Brian  Spense

Easy installation and service with highly trained design engineering staff. Seen here installing our sample system into a high production RAS module


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