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FOR SALE - Synchronous Crab Moulting Process

Aquafarmer is selling its world first design. This is a unique process for the synchronous moulting of up 1000 sand crabs.

The process is not patented but remains unique and ready to change the soft shell industry

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Sand Crab Culture by Kel Gordon

The Crab Spawning PDF was written and © by K J Gordon.

The 23 page document is availble for purchase and download for $10.00

The booklet describes the very successful spawning protocol developed by K J Gordon.


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Portunus pelagicus is known as blue swimmer crab in New South Wales. In Queensland, they are well known as sand crabs.

Breeding pelagicus is relatively easy and over the last 12 months we have managed to develop a very successful hatchery production protocol working in conjunction with Coral Coast Mariculture.

Below is some crab-art. The shot is of thousands of megalopa. Awesome to see for real.....






Pond management is also a simple process but if not carried out correctly the crab megalopa can starve in only a few hours. There exists some debate as to what larval stage is best for transferal from hatchery to pond. The answer is simply feed and predators, size and numbers.

Essentially it is possible to simply add berried females and enrich the pond. To do this you would need to understand the relationship between food and predators, nitrogen cycle and productivity, water quality and sustaining a bloom. Any efficient aquaculturist would be experienced with these water quality and pond productivity parameters.

However; if soft shell crab culture were to become commercially viable, which it is not currently, hatchery runs would be essential for continuous supply.

Once you have your crabs the hard work begins.

No work has been done on improving the collective moult although we had some interesting results with synchronous moulting efforts.

Then the contract ran out so that was all we wrote,,,,unfortunately.