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Goldfish as an industry, is probably the largest and oldest freshwater fish aquafarmer industry in Australia's fish farming history.


Goldfish aquafarming is definitely an underestimated aquafarmer industry.


Goldfish aquafarming, for me, was aquafarming for fascination. If you enjoy goldfish it is hard to call it a business. The business fascination, was the reoccurring sales. The continuous demand for colourful goldfish is difficult to imagine.


For a quick example. A good size female goldfish spawns about 5000 eggs. And, can spawn about 3 or 4 times per season.


So, if I have 10 females the total egg count equates to 200,000 hatched larvae. If 50 % survive and are all sold for $1 that would be a profitable backyard business.


The point is,,,10 goldfish is nothing but a good place to start.


The fascinating aspect is,,, the above example is possible. And goldfish aquafarming is profitable. If you own your own land and can't turn Goldfish Farming Secrets into $200,000 + per annum then you belong in NSW DPI Fisheries.


Just Kidding.....Not Really. You still would not be that useless....


The culture of 200,000 goldfish can be easily achieved in less than 500,000 litres of water. We made our first 100.000 litre tanks from corrugated iron and plastic liners for about $1500 per tank. Nowadays, plastic tanks are cheap and efficient.



"Hallidays Point Fish Farm became quite good at servicing our clients and Kel became known as the "Blackmoor Man" along the east coast of Australia".


So what does that mean to you? Well if you like fish and aquariums and you want to combine that love with making a living then what we have here might be of interest.



Goldfish for Pleasure & Profit Package

Our information includes a site specific farm structure and a commercial protocol for extracting a sustainable profit. We include all the technique and backup needed to establish and operate a small aquafarming venture.


Our protocol was 10 years in the making and covers procedures that make money. No matter whether you have 5 tanks or five hectares the same rules apply. The design uses Aquafarmer's proven POD system of low management, passive filtration. The water stays clean and the fish thrive.


We assume that you understand the basics of water quality and fish husbandry and go forward with the aspects of culture that are essential to profitable aquafarming.


We sell this information because there is no book or literature that provides such commercially intimate information. These aquafarming secrets can be yours for,,,,?


How much is this deal worth? You Tell Me what such a deal is worth.


PS. This exciting venture comes with 12 months 24/7 personal, mobile phone backup advice, marketing assistance and service in confidential detail.

This deal also comes with the complete design blueprints for hatchery tanks, broodstock tanks and growout tanks as well as upweller designs and a complete hatchery layout and protocol for successful breeding and growout.

All the equipment is readily available.


If you own your own land and can't turn these secrets into $200,000 + per annum then you belong in Qld DPI Fisheries. Total outlay for construction, design and set-up is less than $60,000. (if you own your own land)


Your total outlay is less than $60,000


These are some of the topics you will become professional with;

Know Your Market Demand...for this determines your to quantify demand...

Know your target species.

Incremental Startup

Incremental Expansion

Construction Costs... keeping the construction setup,,, cost affective. Cheap tanks and self cleaning designs...larval tanks...spawning tanks...spawning mats...growout tanks...

Goldfish Broodstock to manage your breeders...spawning to manage your eggs...what to feed your larvae..what sub-species do you buy...where do you buy...

What is a good broodstock animal...where to get good animals...

The secrets of good feed and live feed culture...

Spawning Methods...a complete protocol for productive results...the biologist injection method.. hand stripping...the eagle feather method...Kel's greatest secret...

Harvesting... for professional income...

The Warehouse Technique...The input output throughput.

Wholesale/Retail Monster...

Marketing...gorilla tactics...under the radar...the 100% sale...

Packaging, and how to deal successfully with pet shop management..

Transportation, for stress reduction and zero mortality

Disease Issues...antibiotic injection...dose rates...All the do and don't issues of good clean culture....

Water Quality...the on-going sales factor. Why?

Water Re-Use... The POD RAS Method

Taxation...For primary producers

Accounting...for maximum profits...

The Right Way... Fish Farming Permits and Approvals

Loads of stuff most have not even considered.

But don't believe me, do the research and check out the published literature. You wont find these topics anywhere, and yet they are crucial to success.


Over 150 pages of unpublished aquafarming technique!


What would you pay for an existing business?

What would you pay to build a business?

Do you like aquariums?

Does your partner enjoy similar aquatic interests?

Do you own your own home and land to put your business on...?

Can You Get a Fish Farm Permit???

These are some of the questions that need positive answers long before you think of investing in Goldfish Farming...

Only then would you consider purchasing my book, Goldfish for Pleasure and Profit...

And my price..

Complete Gold Fish Farming & Breeding Manual, written as a complete business profile.

Hard Cover Edition


As you can see it is not a book but a proven small business protocol

In perspective that is the price of an old car

In perspective that amount is about 49 broodstock

In perspective that amount is a complete 'How To' for a $300,000 business

But first you must qualify, so you do not waste your money.

Contact Aquafarmer today and find out more.

Phone +61 458 47520


K J Gordon Science Fiction


Yes Contact Us and we will provide you the essentials and answer all your questions.and make sure this is a profitable step forward for you...

There is no online service for this information. The Hard Copy will be forwarded to a legitimate address only.


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Kel Gordon's new sci fi adventure