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Aquafarming as Commercial Aquaculture


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Professionally Integrated Aquaculture Designs

Hatcheries, Nurseries & Growout Aquafarming Construction

Maintenance Free Applications

RAS Aquaculture Designs


  • Identifying hidden profitability and sustaining it are two important factors for every Commercial Fish Farming.

  • Why? Because factors of profitability tend to be unstable in long term culture.

  • Missing or failing to maintain a focal point while juggling production processes and marketing can and will lead to farm failure.


It can also create product dumping, unnecessary competition, and ultimately, a reduction in market price structure. Protecting your individual profitability factors will increase Fish Farm profits not flatten them.

Are you thinking of building or are you currently running a Fish Farm? Implementing and monitoring your profitability is as important a factor as water quality maintenance for your long term commercial viability. Aquafarming Expertise can be a useful asset!


Coral Farming in Fiji..Coral Aquaculture

From a purely commercial perspective no two fish farm applications, behave the same. Identifying individual characteristics can and will lead to higher productivity. Simple things are often overlooked. Identifying efficient commercial applications based on achievable profitability is what we can achieve for you. Our experience tells us that.


egg sampling silver perch

Egg Sampling Silver Perch in NSW.

And Sometimes You Do OK.

First Barramundi Spawner In WA 2000 by Kel Gordon Mark Johnston & T SaltberrieAlways justify the cost of equipment.

Breeding Barramundi in Broome WA ...................Prawn Spawning in Yamba



Blue Swimmer Crab spawning in Qld

08-08 breeding

Blue Swimmer Breeding in Qld


And Sometimes Things Go Wrong

Drain harvesting goldfish

Drain Harvesting

Things don't always work to plan

Harvesting Can Go Wrong


And Sometimes It's Just Hard Work

Construction Costs Are Kept Low By Using Your Own Machinery

A Lagre Traxcavator embebbing low silica clays.

Silver Perch Harvesting




-your AQUAfarm's individual & best commercial focus,

-that marketing is your best FISH FARMING asset,

-that aquaFarm dynamics stimulate production

and pond dynamics generate production.

Aquaculture Designs

Do You,


“Consider your individual cost, design & market requirements....

based on your achievable aquafarming profitability"?

This Is Where YOUR Profits Are Made


Broome Tafe Aquaculture


Improving Your Pond Dynamics Will Make You Money

Improving Your aquaFarm Dynamics Will Make You Money




Email Your Questions

Coral Farming


practical and tactical design solutions for you as an aquafarmer.

analyse your aquafarm potential and develop individual hatchery and growout protocol.
provide independent commercial AQUAFARMING valuations for you, as a buyer or a Seller.



Are you selling or buying a fish


Need Assistance??


An Independent Aquafarm Report Adds Value
Validates Aquafarming Investment Potential

World AquacultureYellow Belly or Golden Perch


Do you require independent analysis of production potential and farm valuations?

Aquaculture Can Be  A Good Investment
Whether you are interested in investing in aquaculture,
or you are designing a fish farm or successfully applying your craft,
a well-networked support base is something to think about.
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The majority of our work is report based & highly confidential.
Remember profitability can come from many aspects of your business.
So contact us today.

In Australia

Phone 0458 427520 and ask for Kel personally.

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