Initial Proposal for the Research and Development of Aquatic Zooplankton (ZP), Phytoplankton (PP), and Macrophytes (M) as

a Sustainable Yield Replacement

for Fish Meal in Commercial Fish Feeds:


(The New Aquafarming)

Proposal Objectives
The objectives of this proposal are summarized as follows. Basically, it is intended to generate R&D funding for the purpose of defining the commercial culture biomass of zooplankton (ZP) and duckweed, an aquatic macrophyte (M) by ulitising the blooming culture potential of phytoplankton (PP). That definition evaluates the process potential for;

a) development of a sustainable and commercially viable fish meal substitute.
b) achievement of a sequential ’stepping stone’ funding investment strategy based on targeted R&D result outcomes.
c) Evaluation of the research findings, extrapolation the potential, and establishment of a pilot scale/commercial extrusion milling process.
d) evaluation and costing of available commercial components and processors for the establishment of the commercial production phase.
e) presentation of regular findings and research result reports incidental to the directional investment strategy.


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