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Injection Aeration for Aquafarming

Aquafarmer's Vortex Aeration

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This is an amazing gadget based on a 1908 TESLA design. In aquafarming this device is not actually an aeration device. It is more akin to an oxygen injection device. The vortex generator has the efficiency to create enough vortex force inside a bucket of water to be able to lift the bucket off the ground.

In a pond trial certain people were going to take the design and go into manufacture. The hide!

Cunningly I had given them the suction design and suggested a 3.5 Kwatt engine.

The thing fired up, sucked itself under the water and blew up... An awesome experiment in untapped power.


At 300 RPM

Vortex Aeration at 300 RPM and 0.4 Watt


The same speed and power in a salt water pond


Aquafarmer's VGen Aeration is faster with almost instantaneous saturations levels. As you can see the power requirements are far less than any other form of aeration.

We can supply complete farm systems or individual units to suit any application with single phase, three phase and adaptations for solar and auotmatic switching. One vortex generator can aerate a one Ha pond for less than three kilowatts. Yes the VGen system is off the scale in efficiency.

So contact Aquafarmer Australia today.

The above pic is oxygen injection. Aquafarming, Mining, NASA applications, Space Endurance Flight, Mixing applications for water purification. This design is extreme oxidization. It can precipitate metals from water and mining effluents.

The list is endless.





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