by Kel Gordon 1980


What is that we look for?
When we choose an open door?
To escape to hide
To run or find
From the reasons for
So sad a mind
So now the blood has all been split
Over apparent reasons of guilt
No tears no fears no flowers will wilt
For the walls in our minds were so strongly built
Oh Alien Oh Alien
Alien Oh Alien
Alien Oh Alien
Alien Oh Alien
Since before I was four
I never ever could be sure
For the people and things that surround my world, surround my world
Were foreign to me
The Alien The Alien
I don’t come from the stars but I feel the pain of these hidden scars
So who were these people I called mum and dad, mum and dad
There is an ache inside me
Fantasy brought together by delight
I know what they see
I am just a product brought together from a torn up philosophy
People always look to me no matter who or what they try to be
And in darkness they make love they don’t believe
It’s only to deceive
Alien AlienAlienAlienAlienAlienAlienAlienAlienAlienAlienAlienAlienAlienAlien