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Kel Gordon has worked extensively in many different facets of fish farming.

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From guest lecturer in China and at UTAS, Aquafarming Lecturer with TAFE, transporting fish around the world, breeding multiple species and designing efficient aquafarming applications, in Indonesia and Fiji, and developing exciting new technology in Australia as shown below. Here is a wealth of aquatic passion, knowledge and experience.

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Kel Gordon: Aquaculturist
By Dr Clive Keenan

Kel Gordon studied Aquaculture at UTAS in 1984 -1986 before entering the commercial aquaculture industry. His first job was to build a prawn hatchery in Northern NSW and his second job saw him design and construct an integrated freshwater RAS fish farm.(which is still in operation)

He went on to build his own freshwater fish farm and become a major live fish supplier and exporter of fingerlings throughout the 1990s.

These efforts won him guest lecturing positions at UTAS and also in Wuhan, China where he lectured aspects of warm water aquaculture at the Fisheries Research Institute. At which time he also produced his first book, Aquaculture: A Privateers Perspective.

As a student in 1986 Kel was the probably the first person in Australia to spawn abalone and in 2000 he was the first person to successfully spawn Barramundi at Broome in Western Australia while working as an Aquaculture lecturer after the loss of his own fish farm in a marriage settlement.

At this time he completed his Masters Degree in only 18 months gaining HD levels with hatchery and tank design specs previously unknown.

His work encompasses not only both freshwater and saltwater broodstock management, hatchery management, nursery culture and pond growout management of fish molluscs and crustaceans but his designs on land based oyster culture and sustainable protein production are still years ahead. Bazaar to say the least, he supports these claims through his free website,

Kel spends his time in and around the ocean when not doing contract hatchery breeding within Australia and consulting on aspects of valid commercial aquaculture.

Species that he has spawned and/or commercially cultured include;

Coral Trout
Monodon Prawns
King Prawns
Blue or Sand Crab
Sydney Rock Oysters
Pacific Oysters
Silver Perch
Golden Perch
Mud Crab (hatchery only)

Would you build an aquafarm without consulting professional experience? Please enjoy reading about some of Aquafarmer's commercial applications.

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