Gravity Is Absolutely, The Final Frontier

From Regrav III (science fiction)

By K J Gordon


How life would change for the better if the energy of gravity was the source energy for all human electrical needs? How the world would change and there would, instantly, be no dramatic climate change. Science or science fiction?


In the mean time, almost certainly the exhaust gasses from jets are damaging the upper atmospheric energy barrier. After all, it is a radiation protection force field and the planet is heating up.

These high altitude toxic gasses and their ionisation reduction effects must surely be playing their part in Climate Change. (A reduction in charge allows greater radiation into the atmosphere.) And I find it curious that during Covid, there has been a change in weather patterns. Coincidence? Google, atmospheric jet exhaust gases.

Anyway, some say this protective charge is a function of magnetism but almost certainly it is a function of Gravity or more to the point, the Earth Engine?

And while coal and oil are certainly playing a role in atmospheric carbon no one has considered the deionisation of the upper atmosphere and the resultant increase in radiation as having any effect. Or have they? Have you ever seen the ionising grid patterns in the sky that are streaks of charged aluminium particles?

Well, I’m only guessing but it’s my educated guess, with a science and engineering background, that says, absolutely it is a reduction chemical and ionisation reaction.

And many truths can only be discussed as science fiction, including the design of a gravity engine, which is simply based on the Earth Engine. And I’m saying categorically that permanent solutions are there, just not utilised.

Meanwhile, the statistical potential for food and resource shortages followed by civilised global collapse are frightening, to me; and just maybe the world should be pro solution in an extremely urgent way?

Today Twiggy Forest said the ocean fish stocks are nearing extinction. And yet ocean harvesting increases every month! Whales, turtles, dolphins and whole shoals of pelagic species are harvested for fish meal. Disgusting! But it is a nine billion dollar industry.

Twenty years ago this same extinction notification was reported and action call. Today it is dire straits. Maybe Mr Forest can achieve more than my songs, words, poetry, videos and solution based research?

But sadly it’s probably capitalism until the end I suppose. And the end is coming. The irony that capitalism is required to cure capitalism is a very bad joke and yet there lies a chance.

Last week I applied for Morrisons grant money to build a proto model protein farm from waste organics. I plan to give the design away to the world as an alternative to ocean harvesting. It is already a proven model.

Waste biologicals into pure non contaminated protein.
Yes it is proven and a world’s best application for nutrient recycling and protein output, as far as I can read research papers.

However I feel the IP belongs to a dying planet and not capitalism.

Well, guess what….. Morrisons funding is not available for eighteen months and…..shit, I don’t qualify in any event. As per bloody usual its a daisy chain funding source for insiders of the do nothing science set.

It is solution time not talk time.

And here is a solution, well, three actually.

Taken from the introduction of Regrav III

Out in 2022