Coral Trout Aquaculture Example

This aquaculture file documents the process of developing a commercial recirculating aquaculture and aquafarming operation.


Coral Trout


Coral Trout Aquafarming & Aquaculture

Coral Trout of the local Australian species
Plectropomus leapardis

During the aquaculture construction and development it is anticipated that local staff training will be provided to insure the transfer of technical skills in both growout and hatchery technology. Mr Gordon has experience in this area and has written syllabus for aquaculture in Australia as well as managed high intensity recirculating aquaculture.

Construction and development of the aquaculture facilities is expected to take approximately 18 to 24 months. Due to the climatic nature of the site, water heating for hatchery and production culture should not be necessary and has not been included in the plan. Hatchery buildings will not need to have the degree of insulation as would be required in lower latitudes.

Design plans, are specific to site application and will require site analysis to include commercial efficiencies in construction, layout and materials. And therefore no actual plans or layout are included.

Some tank systems may need to be fiberglass moulded. If this is the case we anticipate purchasing container quantities of raw materials out of Asia as this would be far cheaper than importation from Australia.

Where costing has been provided it reflects approximate manufacture, production and or construction in Australia. Costings include materials, a labour component as well as the electrical and internal plumbing components.

As mentioned above the aquaculture development will consist of 4 distinct phases.