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Silver Perch RAS Aquafarming: The POD Design



Aquafarmer has developed IP enabling continious production of aquatic protein from Zooplankton. This information is now available for outright ownership.

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FOR SALE - Synchronous Crab Moulting Process

$500,000 USD

Aquafarmer is selling its world first design. This is a unique process for the synchronous moulting of up 1000 sand crabs.

The process is not patented but remains unique and ready to change the soft shell industry.

Yes it can be patented globally for $75,000 AUD.


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Whiting: A Prawn Farming Alternative © 2013




"The POD" (applied to coral trout RAS aquafarming)

(A Commercial Aquafarming & Aquaponics RAS System that works)

Whiting Perhaps?


Aquafarming Barramundi

Making Financial Investment in Profitable Aquaculture.........

Breeding Barramundi



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Silver Perch Fish Farming fish farm construction


Silver Perch RAS Aquaculture aquafarmer




Silver Perch RAS Aquaculture



Coral Trout Aquafarming

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Prodigious Organic Diffusion RAS

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Coral Trout Aquafarming Example

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